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Pond Treatments

Hydro Experts offers a comprehensive suite of pond treatments and supplies to keep your water feature clear, safe, and ecologically balanced. 

Our automatic dosing systems precisely apply the right amount of treatment chemicals based on pond volume and conditions, eliminating the guesswork for pond owners. The beneficial bacteria in our pond treatments break down organic waste and remove chlorine from tap water refills, helping to maintain crystal-clear pond water. We offer a wide range of water conditioners that clarify and decontaminate pond water, keeping it safe for fish and plants. Chemicals and filters for fountains and pondless streams are also available. Our water treatment products help create the beautiful natural ecosystem you envision for your pond. Industry-leading brands such as API & Aquascape provide us with the highest-quality pond treatments and supplies to help you achieve a thriving outdoor habitat for years to come. 

Whether you need an automatic dosing system, beneficial bacteria, water conditioners, fountain treatment, or other pond supplies, Hydro Experts has the products to keep your pond healthy and beautiful. Contact us today to discuss your unique pond needs and find the right treatments and equipment for your water feature.

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