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Mushroom Experts CO2 Bag - 2Kg | Up to 1300 PPM | With Trichoderma

SKU: CO2G60001


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Each 2-kilogram bag efficiently provides a constant concentration of 1300 PPM (parts per million) of carbon dioxide to an enclosed area measuring 1.2 meters by 1.2 meters by 2 meters.

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Understanding the Science of CO2's Role in Plant Growth 

Photosynthesis, the fundamental process by which plants synthesize food, requires sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. This process is facilitated by chlorophyll in the plant’s chloroplasts, converting these inputs into carbohydrates and oxygen. In indoor growing environments where natural sunlight is replaced by artificial light, carbon dioxide often becomes the limiting factor. Inadequate CO2 levels can hinder the efficiency of photosynthesis, leading to stunted growth. By maximizing photosynthesis, plants can grow larger and yield more abundantly, demonstrating that carbon dioxide enrichment is a critical factor for indoor cultivation.

An Optimal Solution for Small to Medium Indoor Grow Spaces

The Mushroom Experts CO2 Mushroom Bags are meticulously designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized indoor grow areas. Each 2kg bag efficiently provides a constant 1300 parts per million (ppm) of CO2 to a space measuring 1.2 x 1.2 x 2 meters. This innovation brings the benefits of enhanced CO2 levels to your indoor garden for an extended period of six months, promising substantial improvement in plant growth and yield. 

Benefits include:

  • Supporting 2-4 plants for up to 6 months in hydroponic or greenhouse setups sized 4x4 feet
  • Releasing 1000-1300PPM of CO2 manufactured from Australian materials and fungal matter 
  • Simple usage with no need to open the bag or perform any other actions besides placing the bag in the desired area, where the CO2 will emit through the filter.
  • Each of the Mushroom Expert's carbon dioxide (CO2) bags contains a Trichoderma. When CO2 production from a bag diminishes to an inadequate level, break up and disperse the bag's substrate contents in outdoor gardens or planter beds. This material will promote improved root development and growth for plants, enhancing their overall health and vigour. The Trichoderma and residual nutrients from the spent substrate create benefits for soil ecology and plant biology. Proper dispersal of this post-production material offers a productive means of disposal while providing a useful garden additive.

Instructions: Place the bag in the required area and the CO2 will be emitted through the filter. (no need to open the bag or do anything else)

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  • [1] x Mushroom Experts CO2 Bag - 2Kg | Up to 1300 PPM | With Trichoderma