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Nutrient Controller & Doser

Nutrient control and dosing solutions for optimal plant growth. The Bluelab Pro Controller WiFi is a precise, wireless pH and EC controller designed for hydroponics, agriculture and aquaculture applications. The AutoGrow IntelliDose system automates the delivery of nutrients and pH adjustments, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring consistent nutrient availability. The Torus Hydro nutrient dosing system provides precise control of all nutrients during each irrigation cycle for maximum yields. The Milwaukee MC720 PH Controller maintains accurate pH levels for optimal plant growth and performance, reducing nutrient deficiencies and toxicity issues. 

These advanced nutrient dosing systems make it easy to monitor and adjust levels of pH, EC and PPM in real time so you can deliver the perfect balance of nutrients to keep your plants healthy and thriving. The WiFi-enabled controllers and intuitive apps provide remote monitoring and control from anywhere so you always know the status of your grow environment. With precise calibration and adjustment capabilities, you can maximize yields and reduce nutrient waste. 

Whether you grow hydroponically, in soil or in aquaponics, Hydro Experts offers the industry's best nutrient control solutions from top brands like Bluelab, AutoGrow, Pro-Leaf, Torus and Milwaukee Instruments. Contact us today to discuss which system is right for your specific application and grow space needs.

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Bluelab pH Controller Wifi | Auto pH Adjustments