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CX Horticulture

Hydroponics and rare plant growers will find all the nutrients, additives and pest control products they need to achieve optimal plant growth at CX Horticulture. We offer a comprehensive line of hydroponics nutrients specially formulated to deliver the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements directly to your plant's roots. Regen A Root is an all natural root hormone that stimulates new root growth for stronger plants. Mighty Growth and Mighty Bloom provide the macro and micronutrients plants need to flourish during the vegetative and flowering stages. To keep pests and diseases at bay, try Tanlin Drop, an organic insecticide, fungicide and miticide that is safe for both plants and people. Our plant nutrition and additives are designed to maximize yields while minimizing environmental impacts. Whether you grow hydroponically, in soil or use living walls or vertical farming techniques, CX Horticulture has the nutrients, additives and biocontrols to help you produce healthy, productive plants. Contact us today to discuss which products are right for your specific growing needs.

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CX Horticulture Tanlin Drops - 20ML