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Hy-Gen Nutrient (AUS)

Discover nutrient solutions crafted by experts for optimal plant growth. Hydro Experts offers Hy-Gen Nutrient, a full line of hydroponics plant nutrients and additives made to the highest pharmaceutical grade standards. Our Hy-Gen coco nutrients are specifically formulated for growing in coconut coir and feature a balanced 1-part and 2-part nutrient lineup that includes Nitro K, Sea Essentials, PK Top Up and more. Omegazyme and Humiboosta help build soil health while Starter Kits make it easy to start growing successfully. 

Whether you grow fruiting plants, leafy vegetables or ornamentals, Hy-Gen Nutrient solutions provide precisely what plants need to thrive. Our concentrated formulas are designed to optimize pH levels, prevent deficiencies and support stronger roots, stems and leaves. Every dose of Hy-Gen nutrients is mixed with water to create optimum fertilizer levels for indoor plants. 

For over a decade, we've focused on developing the most advanced hydroponics nutrients for growers like you. Our rigorous testing guarantees nutrient balances that produce healthy plants, bigger harvests and tastier results. When you need customized nutrient solutions crafted by experts, trust Hy-Gen Nutrient to grow your indoor plants to their full potential.

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Hy-Gen pH Complete Control Kit - 150ML pH Up & Down | pH Indicator Kit


Hy-Gen Coco 2-Part Starter Kit with Free Tshirt


Hy-Gen CoirLite Coco Perlite - 50L Bag | 70% Coco & 30% Perlite

Q: What is Hy Gen?

A: At HYDROPONIC GENERATIONS, we have been perfecting the ideal chemistry for cultivators and enthusiasts since 1994. Our mission is to produce and distribute top-tier, scientifically balanced products tailored to the needs of today's professional farmers and home gardeners. As an Australia-based company, our products are available worldwide, even in Antarctica, where they are employed for hydroponic food cultivation.

Each HY-GEN® product serves a specific purpose and is finely tuned for optimal performance, all while ensuring ease of use for growers. The HY-GEN® brand embodies the culmination of years of specialized knowledge amassed from diverse scientific fields by our founder, a dedicated chemist and owner.

Q: Why opt for Hy Gen?

A: Choosing a HY-GEN® product means choosing peace of mind. You're selecting a product backed by our unwavering commitment to integrity, expertise, and decades of experience in every item we offer. Our aim is to handle the intricacies so that you can concentrate on nurturing your beloved plants and evolving into a seasoned, proficient gardener.

We appreciate your choice in using our HY-GEN® product range.

Q: What's the Hy Gen Guarantee?

A: The Hy Gen Guarantee is built upon our commitment to unwavering quality. Each batch of our finished products undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure they meet precise standards, providing you with a steadfast assurance of consistent quality.

Our HY-GEN® products incorporate high-grade ingredients sourced locally and globally. These ingredients include carefully selected natural organic components chosen for their ability to promote plant health and facilitate nutrient transportation. For instrument maintenance and care products, we employ analytical grade reagents. Regular screening of all ingredients ensures that they consistently meet the most stringent criteria.

Our commitment to quality extends to our processes, with regular, thorough maintenance of all production systems. This includes the calibration of purification, measurement, and scientific quality control systems. Additionally, quality control testing is outsourced to maintain unbiased reporting and ensure that every step in the process is optimized to the highest standards possible.