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Cyco Nutrients

At Hydro Experts, we offer Cyco Nutrients, a comprehensive line of high-performance hydroponics nutrients for all your gardening needs. Our nutrient solutions utilize the latest formulations to provide maximum yield and quality in both soil and soilless applications. Whether you require nutrients for vegetative growth, bloom boosters, additives, or uptake enhancers, we have developed tailored nutrient kits to meet the needs of gardeners at every level - from hobbyists to professional operations. 

Our Cyco Grow and Cyco Bloom nutrient solutions contain proprietary blends of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients to support optimal plant growth throughout the vegetative and flowering stages. Cyco XL contains higher concentrations of phosphorus and potassium to maximize blooms and fruit production. Supplements like Cyco Uptake, Cyco Upsize, and Cyco Swell help increase nutrient absorption, stem thickness, and fruit enlargement. 

For challenging grow situations, we recommend additives like Cyco Supa Sticky for resin production, Cyco Suga Rush for sweetening fruits, Cyco Silica for strengthening cell walls, and Cyco Ryozfuel for boosting root development. Other specialty nutrients like Cyco Potash, Cyco Kleanse, and Cyco Dr Repair address specific deficiency issues or aid in flushing. Cyco B1 Boost contains high levels of vitamin B1 to improve yield and flowering. 

Our comprehensive line of Cyco Nutrients offers professional growers and hobbyists alike precisely formulated hydroponics nutrients to maximize their harvest. Contact us today to discuss which Cyco Nutrient solutions are right for you.

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Cyco Platinum Series XL Prokit - Nutrient & Additives for Grow & Bloom


Cyco Platinum Series Prokit Suga Rush (Nutrient & Additives Grow Bloom)

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