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Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC/MC Meter - 3 in 1

Moisture / Conductivity / Temperature



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Are you a dedicated gardener seeking to take your plant cultivation to the next level? Look no further than the Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC/MC Meter.  With the help of this advanced tool, which Bluelab carefully created, you can give your plants the best possible environment for growth. The Bluelab Pulse Metre transforms how you take care of your plants by simultaneously measuring EC, moisture, and temperature. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace precision cultivation for remarkable yields.

All-in-One Plant Care: EC, Moisture, and Temperature Measurement

By correctly measuring electrical conductivity (EC), you can make sure that your plants are receiving the ideal mix of nutrients. By eliminating the element of guesswork from feeding plans, the Bluelab Pulse Metre enables you to offer the ideal nutrients at each stage of growth. For effective watering and root health management, keep an eye on moisture levels. To maximise root function and general plant health, keep an eye out for temperature changes.

Lightning-Fast Results in Every Medium

Experience the unmatched speed and convenience with the Bluelab Pulse Meter.  In about 10 seconds, you can measure the temperature, moisture level, and EC. This adaptable metre provides accurate readings whether you're farming in soil, potting soil, coco coir blends or fertiliser solutions. Since the built-in depth gauge ensures accuracy across all media, you may adjust your plant care routine with confidence.

Built for Resilience: Designed by Growers for Growers

The Bluelab Pulse Metre was carefully crafted in New Zealand to resist the pressures of routine plant maintenance. This metre, created by growers, for growers, is equipped to meet the demands of your agricultural endeavours. You can relax knowing that your Bluelab Pulse Metre is built to withstand bumps and drops.

Benchmarking Excellence: Blink and Pulse App Integration

Elevate your plant care strategy with the Blink technology of the Bluelab Pulse Meter. Establish your best-performing plants as benchmarks to get fast visual feedback on the performance of your crop. Your insights are improved by the Pulse App's ability to record measurements and plant information while you're on the go.  Store, analyze, and export your data for a comprehensive understanding of your plant's journey.

In The Box

  • [1] x Bluelab Pulse Meter - 3 in 1 | Moisture / Conductivity / Tempearture
  • Measures conductivity, moisture and temperature
  • Probe length 200 mm/8"
  • Probe separation 50 mm/2"
  • Active tip probe length 50 mm/2"
  • Minimum pot size 2 litre/0.5 gallon
  • Android Version 5.1 and later
  • Bluetooth Version 4.0 and later
  • iOS 12.1 + (iPhone Only)
  • Power source 1 x AA alkaline battery

1-Year Replacement

  • Warranty If the product is faulty within the warranty period, the product will be replaced with a new one.
  • Please send the product to the following address on the contact us page.

Q: How does the Bluelab Pulse Meter improve plant growth?

A: Temperature, moisture, and electrical conductivity may be measured precisely using the Bluelab Pulse Metre. With the aid of this knowledge, you may boost plant growth by optimising fertiliser distribution, irrigation schedules, and root health.

Q: Can I use the Bluelab Pulse Meter with different growing media?

A: Absolutely! The Bluelab Pulse Metre is made to function in a range of media, including soil, potting soil, coco coir blends and nutrient solutions. Consistent readings are ensured by its built-in depth gauge.

Q: What is the advantage of using the Blink technology and Pulse App?

A: You can establish benchmarks for your top-performing plants and get real-time performance indications using the Blink technology. You may record data and insights using the Pulse App while you're on the go, which will help you analyse and improve your cultivation approach.

Q: How fast are the measurements with the Bluelab Pulse Meter?

A: Thanks to the meter's extraordinarily quick measurement capabilities, you'll get readings for EC, moisture, and temperature in less than 10 seconds.

Q: Can the Pulse Meter be used in perlite? 

A: No, not if it is 100% perlite. If the perlite is mixed with soil, that's fine. If it is a coco/perlite blend, we recommend using 50% or more coco/coir than perlite.

Q: Does the Pulse Meter require calibrating to EC? 

A: No, the Pulse comes factory-calibrated to EC.