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Bluelab Digital Portable EC PPM TDS Pen - Conductivity Pen | Digital Display

A handheld solution for measuring EC & temperature



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Bluelab EC PEN: Empowering Growers for Optimal Plant Health

This nifty little pen from Bluelab takes the guesswork out of measuring essential hydroponics parameters. With its large backlit display, you can easily read conductivity (EC), parts per million (PPM), total dissolved solids (TDS), and temperature all in one go. Simply select between EC or TDS units and temperature scales, calibrate using the solution, and you're ready to monitor nutrient levels in water and fertilizer mixes with pinpoint accuracy. The hold function freezes readings for easy recording, and the auto-off feature helps extend battery life. Fully waterproof and built to last, this pen is your secret weapon for growing nutrient-rich crops and maximizing yields. Simply submerge the probe in your solution, press a button, and in seconds you'll know if your nutrient balance is just right or needs adjustment - giving you the power to craft the perfect growing environment for your plants.


Why measure conductivity and temperature?

Unlocking Plant Health Secrets

Your plants deserve the best care, and understanding their fundamental needs is the first step to a thriving garden. Achieving the perfect balance of nutrients is an art, and with the Bluelab EC Pen by your side, you can master it effortlessly.

All plants require a precise amount of nutrients to grow and flourish. Under or overfeeding can lead to wasted resources and disappointing results. This compact device empowers you to measure conductivity and temperature with precision, ensuring your plants receive the care they deserve.

Harnessing the Power of Science

To optimize your plant's nutrient intake, you need to monitor the conductivity of your nutrient solution. Conductivity, in simple terms, refers to the concentration of dissolved salts in the solution. When nutrients are introduced, they create electrical conductivity, allowing you to gauge the nutrient levels accurately.

Temperature is equally crucial in this equation. Extremes in temperature can hinder your plant's growth and structure. With the Bluelab EC Pen, you can maintain the ideal temperature, safeguarding your plants' development.

A Compact and Hardy Handheld Solution

Precision in Your Pocket

The Bluelab EC Pen offers a compact and robust solution to your plant care needs. This handheld device provides quick and accurate readings at the touch of a button, ensuring you have reliable results every time.

Accurate and Customizable Measurements

Tailored to Your Preferences

Customization is key when caring for diverse plants. The Bluelab Conductivity Pen caters to your specific needs by offering a range of in-built measurement units. For conductivity readings, choose between EC, CF, PPM 500 (TDS), or PPM 700. When it comes to temperature, toggle between ˚C or ˚F. With this level of control, you can fine-tune your plant's environment precisely.

Built for Growers, Not Laboratories

Tough and Reliable

Gardening isn't always gentle, but your tools should be up to the task. The Bluelab Conductivity Pen is designed for real-world growing environments, not sterile labs. Its durability ensures it can withstand the inevitable knocks and drops of daily use. This fully waterproof product even floats in your reservoir, guaranteeing its longevity. Crafted with care in New Zealand from both local and imported components, it's a tool you can trust.

Expand Your Toolkit

Achieving the Perfect Balance

To unlock your garden's full potential, complement your Bluelab EC Pen with the Bluelab pH Pen. Monitoring pH levels is crucial as it determines nutrient solubility in water, enabling your plants to access the vital nutrients they need. By tracking conductivity, temperature, and pH, you'll become a master at managing nutrient levels, leading to healthier, more robust plants and increased crop yields. Start your journey towards healthier plants today.

Ready to Elevate Your Plant Care?

Explore the Bluelab pH and Conductivity Starter Pack

For a comprehensive solution to all your plant care needs, discover the Bluelab pH and Conductivity Starter Pack. Empower yourself with the tools to achieve perfect nutrient balance, ideal temperature, and optimal pH levels. Elevate your gardening game and watch your plants thrive.


  • Measurement range:
    • 0.0 – 10.0 EC
    • 0 – 5000 ppm (500 ppm / TDS)
    • 0 – 7000 ppm (700 ppm)
    • 0 – 50 ̊C / 32 – 122 ̊F
  • Resolution:
    • 0.1 EC
    • 10 ppm (500 ppm)
    • 10 ppm (700 ppm)
    • 1 ̊C / 1 ̊F
  • Accuracy at 25 °C / 77 °F:
    • ± 0.1 EC
    • ± 50 ppm (500 ppm)
    • ± 70 ppm (700 ppm)
    • ± 1 ̊C / ± 2 ̊F
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation: Yes
  • Operating Environment: 0 – 50 ̊C / 32 – 122 ̊F
  • Calibration: Optional
  • Power Source: 1 x AAA alkaline battery
  • Certifications: CE and FCC
  • One year free repair or replacement guarantee.

In The Box

  • [1] x Bluelab Digital Portable EC PPM TDS Pen - Conductivity Pen | Digital Display
  • Measures conductivity and temperature
  • Selectable units for conductivity and temperature
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Calibration optional
  • Successful calibration indicator
  • Hold reading function
  • Low battery indicator
  • Fully waterproof
  • Auto off function
  • Automatic temperature compensation

1-Year Replacement

  • Warranty If the product is faulty within the warranty period, the product will be replaced with a new one.
  • Please send the product to the following address on the contact us page.