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Shop our huge selection of complete hydroponic systems including DWC (Deep Water Culture), Drip System, Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Aeroponics, Cloning Aeroponics System, Top Feeding Wicking System, EBB and Flow Systems.

We also sell many other types of hydroponics kits such as grow kit, grow tent, nutrient solution, grow box, air and water pump, and many more. SHOP today from our huge range of products in-store or online

Blumat Classic - Pack of 3

Blumat Classic - Pack of 3


Blumat Pressure Reducer

Blumat Pressure Reducer


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Current Culture UCXL - 4 Extension Kit

Current Culture UCXL - 4 Extension Kit

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Hydroponic Herb Farm - 5 Pot | 1M Gully

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Takeaway : How does an aquaponics system work, and how can you make your own? Our friends at Crop King Seeds bring us this handy, introductory guide. Aquaponics is what we call a combination of fish farming and hydroponics. It also happens to be one of ...

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Plant Success, from its inception in 1999, has been a family-operated business dedicated to developing premier mycorrhizal inoculants, as well as educating the public about the benefits of using mycorrhizae. Our products enhance the growing environment with beneficial microorganisms. Through years of research and testing, we have incorporated into our products the most effective mycorrhizae and bacteria strains on the market. These superior blends are designed for use by home gardeners, landscapers, farmers, and hydroponic growers. Plant Success is committed to serving i ...

Current Culture H2O is a California based hydroponic irrigation manufacturing company. They design, built and distribute systems for growers that are used all over the world. Their patented 'under-current' recirculating systems are the highest grade of medical-grade horticulture. ...

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The importance of root maintenance to a healthy root system cannot be overstated. All successful growth begins with a well-developed and flourishing root mass. Roots play a crucial role in a plant’s physiology performing key functions such as absorption of water, minerals and other soluble and gaseous compounds. Roots also act to stabilize and anchor the plants and assist in keeping them upright while bearing any weight of fruits and flowers; this is especially important when growing high yielding, fruiting and flowering crops. Regardless of the growing method, it’s impo ...

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Have troubleshooting questions about your Under Current system? Below you will find the most common issues growers may have when growing in the Under Current. Issues touched upon include pH instability, root health, leaf and stem growth and finally system issues. You will find the cause and effect for each issue, along with treatment regimens and preventive maintenance. Ph Instability: Potential Hydrogen (pH) is the measurement of acidity or alkalinity of a substance. In a controlled growing environment, the range of pH made available to a pl ...

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Our Under Current® RDWC systems are specifically designed to deliver high levels of aeration and circulation. These supercharged conditions allow your plants to uptake water and nutrients easier and more efficiently. With this increased efficiency it is very important to provide the correct amount of nutrients to your plants to ensure consistent growth rates and a successful grow cycle. High nutrient levels are one major factor that can slow down your plants growth rates and hurt your overall yields. ...