Eponic Mini Farm

Go Healthy | Go Green | All-in-One Grow Kit

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Mini Farm is a compact, smart hydroponic system that is super easy to assemble and use. Now you can grow your own fresher, cleaner and healthier food in just a couple of weeks!

  • No soil needed
  • No back-breaking labour because the process is simple, automated and mess-free
  • Make your fresh salad! And a number of other fresh and healthy recipes.
  • Kickstart your healthier lifestyle today!
  • Great for schools to teach STEM subjects & Activity-Based learning.

Designed to allow for optimal airflow, so your plants maintain a healthy and even growth rate.


  • Input voltage: DC12V
  • Power: 18W    Current 1.5A
  • Dimension: 60cm X 28 cm X 33.5cm
  • Grow light: Full spectrum LED
  • Average PPFD: 130μmol/s/m²
  • Water in Grow Tray: 6L

In The Box

  • [1] x Eponic Mini Farm | Go Healthy | Go Green | All-in-One Grow Kit
  • All-in-One Grow Kit
  • Full Spectrum LED for strong and healthy plants
  • Magnetic pump for safety and 100% leak proof
  • Optimal Airflow for better plant growth
  • 3 modes for every stage of plant growth