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DWC Pot Kit - Nutrifield Pro Pot 15L Smart Pot System + Nutrifield Mesh Pot 150MM

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Nutrifield Pro Pot 15L Smart Pot System

  • Adjustable to meet your plants needs. The system can be rotated to 3 different heights to increased storage of water, improved air flow and drainage to maximize growth. As your plants grow, the distance to the light source can be changed
  • Adaptable growing with the unique grate. The grate allows rapid drainage, holds all types of media like coco coir, potting mix and other substrates, and it is excellent for deep water culture because the roots can grow through it.
  • Easy to Plumb. The pot's flat surfaces promote excellent connection of plumbing fittings to ensure no leaks and ease in maintenance.
  • Durable and lasting. Not only does the sturdy ribbed construction protect against breakage, but the squat design allows for optimal root growth.


Nutrifield Mesh Pot 150MM

  • Drop the Mesh Pots directly into a 15L Pro Pot for use in smaller systems such as deep water culture (DWC) or flood and drain. The possibilities with the Nutrifield Mesh Pots really are endless, and some growers may even choose to use them as stand-alone components in deep water culture system and with a wide variety of growing media.

In The Box

  • [1] x Nutrifield Pro Pot 15L Grated Pot
  • [1] x Nutrifield Pro Pot 15L Bucket
  • [1] x Nutrifield Pro Pot 15L Pot Stand
  • [1] x Nutrifield Mesh Pot 150MM