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Turbo Klone Elite Series with Dome - E96 | Commercial Cloning System

E96 | Commercial Cloning System




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"The perfect mid-sized commercial cloning system"

The Elite 96 is a commercial-grade Cloning System with a patented, built-in cooling system. With 96 clone sites, it is everything you need to propagate clones in your medium-scale or small commercial growing environment. We’ve taken our widely respected Black Label T96 unit and made it even better.


  • Package Dimensions (LxWxH): 78.74 x 53.34 x 22.86CM
  • Shipping Weight: 9KG
  • Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH): 78.74 x 53.34 x 43.18CM
  • Reservoir Capacity: 7.75 gallons
  • Unit Weight (Full): 38KG
  • Manifold Dimensions (LxWxH): 38.1 x 27.94 x 7.62CM
  • Pump: 450 gph
  • Fan: 4,800 rpm
  • Required Electricity: 220-240 volts

In The Box

  • [1] x Turbo Klone Elite Series with Dome - E96

Increased Fan Power

  • That’s right! We’ve taken our standard TurboKlone® fan and upgraded it to a TurboKlone 4,800 RPM Elite Series Fan. What does that mean for you? More oxygen, cooler temperatures, and faster rooting! The Elite Series Fan decreases propagation time by pumping fresh, cool air into the reservoir and cooling chambers around the basin at a higher rate of speed. As the air is pumped into the cloning unit, it mixes with the fine droplets being propelled from the spray jets and cools the waters temperature. With cooler water temperatures, oxygen is broken down more efficiently, increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen delivered to the clones!

Reinforced Basin

  • Have you experienced bowing with your current cloner? We felt your pain and reinforced the siding on our Elite Series Cloners. No more bowing or spilling from the reservoir so that you can pick up and transport your cloning system worry-free.

Heat-Resistant Coating

  • Often, darker colors attract and retain heat. The TurboKlone Elite Series has improved the traditional cloner design by adding a light grey coating that reflects light, keeping the interior temperature of your cloning system cooler and more efficient.

Alphanumeric, Color Separated Site Planning

  • If you’re like us, keeping track of which clone is in which site can be a daunting task. With the TurboKlone Elite Series, planning and tracking your clones is quick and easy. Using an alphanumeric grid system and both green and blue clone collars, you can separate your plant varieties by color and notate its position on your cloning system. Just like playing Battleship!

Vented Humidity Dome

  • Humidity is key to propagating healthy plants. If the cloning environment does not have the proper moisture content, you may experience dry clones, browning leaves or even burning; minimizing the chance of the clone’s survival. Our Elite Cloners not only offers a high quality dome to trap in humidity, but we took it a step further by adding adjustable ventilation. Close the vents for full humidity or open them incrementally to achieve optimal growing conditions.