When you can test something easily and accurately, you can manage it.  Specifically, you can get the most from water-based plant growing systems.

And that’s Bluelab’s world.  Our product range of pH meters and pH controllers and nutrient meters and controllers, measure parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature.  They’re used worldwide in applications from home-based hydroponics through to the most demanding of commercial food-growing environments.

We’re a young company, so we’re innovators by nature.  Crucially, we’re people focussed.  So our products are people-friendly.  We place great emphasis on simple design, straight forward functionality.  We’re sticklers for accuracy, reliability, ease of use.  We use the toughest materials and advanced, robust technologies.  

Important too, it’s not just about products.  Open information-sharing advice, reliable service, individual responsiveness – these matter a great deal.  They’re a big part of the unique Bluelab promise.

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Bluelab Replacement pH Probe - for Guardian Monitor & Combo & pH Meter
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Bluelab Conductivity Standard Solution - 250ML | 2.77 EC | Calibration Solution
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BlueLab Truncheon Nutrient Meter - EC CF PPM | Waterproof | Blue Lab
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Bluelab Connect USB Stick - Data Log & View Nutrient Measurements Wirelessly

Bluelab Connect Stick USB

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Bluelab Digital EC Pen - Portable | Reliable | Temperature | PPM TDS EC

Bluelab Digital EC/TDS/PPM Pen

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BlueLab Digital pH & Temperature Pen + Digital EC PPM Pen + Probe Care Kit
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BlueLab Digital pH & Temperature Pen - Portable | Reliable | Easy to Calibrate

BlueLab Digital pH & Temperature Pen

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Bluelab Guardian Monitor - Measures EC PPM TDS CF PH Temp | AC Powered

Bluelab Guardian Monitor

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Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect - EC PPM TDS CF PH Temperature | Data Stream

Bluelab Gardian Monitor Connect

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Bluelab pH 4.0 Calibration Solution - 250ML |  Calibration Solutions for pH Meters
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Bluelab pH 7.0 Calibration Solution - 250ML | Calibration Solution for pH Meter
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Bluelab pH Controller - Hands-free Monitor | Auto pH Adjustment

Bluelab pH Controller

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Bluelab PH Controller Connect - Hands-free Monitor | Auto pH Adjustments

Bluelab PH Controller Connect

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Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH

Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH

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Bluelab Replacement Soil pH Probe - for Bluelab pH Meter & Combo & Soil Meter

Bluelab Replacement Soil pH Probe

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Bluelab Soil pH Meter Handheld - Great for Soil or Coco
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Bluelab Soil pH Pen - Great for Soil or Coco | Temp Compensation | Digital Calibration

Bluelab Soil pH Pen

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Bluelab Hand Held pH Meter - Battery Powered | Reliable | Portable

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What is pH? pH (short for potential Hydrogen) is the measurement of acidity and its opposite, alkalinity in a solution. Neutral pH is 7.0 pH. Acidity measures below seven pH (7.0pH) with alkalinity measuring above it (7.0pH). Why is it important to measure pH? It is important to maintain a hydroponic nutrient solution at a pH level where the elements in the nutrient solution are consistently available to the plant. If the solution is too acidic or too alkaline it can cause ...

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What is conductivity? Conductivity (measured in ppm, EC, TDS, CF) is the total soluble salts contained within a liquid solution. Pure water does not contain salts, so it has a conductivity measurement of zero. By adding soluble elements to the water, electricity is able to move through the solution giving it a conductivity rating. So why is it important? Using hydroponics as an example, different crops grow well at different levels of nutrient strength (Electrical Conductivity - EC ...

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Although there are ideal EC values for each plant type, this does not mean that a range of plants, all technically requiring different strength nutrients, cannot be grown in a home situation together. The grower simply lists the range of EC values and picks an average value. For most home systems this value is between 1.2EC and 2.0EC depending upon the requirements of the predominant crop types being grown. The pH values given here are broad, note that the average is 6.0 - 6.5pH for hydroponic applications. Below is a list of crops with the ideal EC and pH values th ...