TrolMaster Agro Instruments Co., Ltd. is an agriculture technology company, offering next-generation environmental controllers in the horticultural market. 

They have deep roots in the horticulture and Controller industries and have invented a platform that is smart and connective. With incredible flexibility, their platform is able to cover each individual grower’s needs, from the home hobbyist to large industrial facilities. 

Their platform offers remote access applications that enable their customers to manage every aspect of their grows facilities from anywhere anytime. They deliver automation, control, data collection, monitoring, and optimization. The upgradability of their systems also offers the value of continual improvements.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell a wide range of TrolMaster products such as Hydro-X Environmental Control System, Aqua-X Irrigation Control System, Corbon-X CO2 System, Single Task Controllers and accessories. 


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