The HORIBA Group of worldwide companies provides an extensive array of instruments and systems for applications ranging from automotive R&D, process and environmental monitoring, in-vitro medical diagnostics, semiconductor manufacturing and metrology, to a broad range of scientific R&D and QC measurements. Proven quality and trustworthy performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA Brand.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell an extensive range of Horiba instruments and systems such as EC meter, Benchtop pH meter full kit, Compact Calcium Ion Meter, Comapct Nitrate Ion Meter, Compact Potassium Ion Meter, Compact Salt Meter Na-Based, Compact Sodium Ion Meter, Data Log Meter Kit, Tempersture Meter kit with probe, Horiba Portable EC / Do / TDS / ORP / Salinity, snd more. 

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Although there are ideal EC values for each plant type, this does not mean that a range of plants, all technically requiring different strength nutrients, cannot be grown in a home situation together. The grower simply lists the range of EC values and picks an average value. For most home systems this value is between 1.2EC and 2.0EC depending upon the requirements of the predominant crop types being grown. The pH values given here are broad, note that the average is 6.0 - 6.5pH for hydroponic applications. Below is a list of crops with the ideal EC and pH values th ...