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Bio Diesel Bloom Booster + Aloevate + Marine CaMg + Coco Flush - 1L Set




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Bio Diesel Bloom Booster - 1L

Bio Diesel is an extreme Bud Fuel designed for fast growing, heavy blooming hybrids.

Based on a specialised form of Desert Bat Guano, Bio Diesel is loaded with organic phosphorus, complex sugars, Amino Acids, Natural Plant growth regulators, Carbohydrates and Polyflavonoids to produce amazing yields, flavour and aroma in fruiting and flowering plants.

Organic Phosphorous creates large more developed blooms (bigger buds) throughout the entire plant.

Complex sugars, B Vitamins and relive stress on the flowering plant and creates large increases in resin and potency. Aroma and taste is also greatly improved in the final product.

Growers using Bio Diesel have reported

  • Improved Resin and essential oil production
  • More flowing sites with heavy blooms throughout the plant
  • Greatly enhanced sugar production, taste and aroma
  • Improves structure and micro-life in soil-less media
  • Stabilised effect on pH of the nutrient solution and growing media
  • Increases microbial activity and enzyme production
  • Improved overall Bud Quality and Trichome size
  • Idea for both indoor and outdoor crops

Bio Diesel is compatible with all known bloom enhancers including products high in potassium. pH changes by a 0.1 decrease and the total E.C values only rises by 0.1 E.C.


Bio Diesel Aloevate - 1L

A 100% Natural plant health tonic that contains hundreds of vitamins and enzymes. Made from a specialized blend of desert plant extracts, it contains 100% natural salicylic acid (Silica) and enzymes to enhance microlife, protect your root zone and break down any dead roots or unused mineral salts. Aloevate will improve your plant's size, vitality and overall growth rates while protecting it from disease. Plants become stronger with thicker cell walls with a higher water holding capacity.

  • Thicker wall cells for increased weight and yield
  • Enhanced disease resistance, plant vitality and vigour
  • Feeds beneficial microbes and breaks down dead roots and unused minerals
  • Foliar spray to activate SAR response
  • Acts as a natural wetting agent with low pH and stabilises rising solutions
  • Adds silica (salicyc acid) for stronger cells and mold resistance


Sensi Pro Marine CaMg - 1L

An amazing new growth enhancer designed especially for Medical Cannabis. naturally derived sea ingredients including Crustacean Chitin for high levels of natural Calcium! Marine CAMG+ also provides fast acting Nitrogen and 100% natural growth regulators for fast, lush growth and much larger, heavy yielding branches.

  • Bigger, Healthier plants in bloom
  • Enhanced plant cell division
  • Increased tolerance to stress and insects
  • Contains natural growth regulators for faster growth rates
  • Crustacean derived fast acting natural calcium
  • Increased plant size and yield
  • Quickly corrects nutrient deficiencies of Ca, Mg,or N


Sensi Pro Crystal Clear Coco Flush - 1L

Releases the bond between locked up minerals and the coco fibre and helps make nutrients mobile again. Removes the taste and presence of fertilizers and unwanted chemicals from the finished produce, resulting in a sweeter, cleaner experience.

  • Coco Flush & Brix Enhancer
  • Flushes Out Bonded Mineral Salts From Coco Fibres
  • Increases Sweetness and Brix Levels at the end of Harvest
  • Flushes Minerals from Plant Reserves
  • Helps to Clear nutrient Pathways and Protect Against Mineral Lockouts

Crystal Clear Coco Flush. The Cleanest Finish, The Sweetest Flavour

In The Box

  • [1] x Bio Diesel Bloom Booster - 1L
  • [1] x Bio Diesel Aloevate - 1L
  • [1] x Sensi Pro Marine CaMg+ - 1L
  • [1] x Sensi Pro Crystal Clear Coco Flush - 1L