Hydro Experts International Shipping

Hydro Experts is committed to providing you with an easy and affordable shipping experience. We offer international shipments across most countries, so long as they meet the criteria for importation within your region.

Please be aware that you are responsible for paying any taxes or customs charges imposed by your local government on incoming packages- this includes duties, customs charges, tariffs and any other fees associated with importing products from overseas.

Hydro Experts is not responsible for return shipping costs in the event of warranty issues and/or damage caused by shippers/logistics companies. If you receive an order that has been refused entry, we will refund all product expenses but not shipping charges incurred when receiving it-sorry.

Note: Please be advised that we do not ship anything that is in liquid form. For overseas order(s), we only accept payment via bank transfer or PayPal. If you prefer the invoice to be sent directly to your PayPal, please provide us with your PayPal ID.