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Bio Diesel Nutrient | Hydro Experts

Hydro Experts offers an extensive collection of premium Bio Diesel nutrients to maximize your harvests and ensure vibrant plant health. Our Bio Diesel Bloom Booster is formulated to support explosive bud growth and flowering while the guano fertilizer provides natural nutrients to enhance flavour and yield. For ultimate clarity, use our crystal clear product during the flushing stage to remove any residual buildup. When it's time to recharge your soil, the coco flush introduces beneficial microbes and organic nutrients.

The Super Natural root stimulant stimulates root development and nutrient uptake to promote vigorous plant growth. Bio Diesel Rhino-K potassium supplement optimizes photosynthesis and boosts disease resistance. For the ultimate soilless mix, our coco perlite blend provides ideal aeration and water retention.

The Bio Diesel starter kit contains everything needed to get your grow operation off to the right start with essential nutrients, supplements and soil amendments. The Marine Camg calcium and magnesium additive ensures optimal pH levels for optimum plant performance. The living soil amendment creates a balanced ecosystem rich in beneficial microbes. The green diamond fulvic and humic acid complex chelates key minerals to improve nutrient absorption and flavour. And the Aloevate product uses aloe vera to promote overall well-being and resilience. Bio-One all-in-one fertilizer delivers a complete nutrient solution to maximize yields from seedling to harvest.

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This feed guide is designed to help both beginners & our more experienced customers achieve the best results with their grow. We hope it's clear & informative, but we're here to help if you have questions. ...

This feed guide is designed to help both beginners & our more experienced customers achieve the best results with their grow. We hope it's clear & informative, but we're here to help if you have questions. ...

Q: Is Bio Diesel compatible with other PK additives and growing programs?

A: We have conducted comprehensive testing with all major hydroponic growing programs, including Canna, H&G, GH, and more. Bio Diesel has proven to be compatible with every product we have tested so far. Notably, Bio Diesel does not contain high-concentration potassium salts, making it fully compatible with other PK (Phosphorus and Potassium) boosters. Additionally, the presence of Fulvic and Humic Acid serves as organic chelators, contrasting with EDTA, which forcibly drives nutrients into the plant.

Q: Do I need to use an air pump or circulating pump in my tank?

A: Yes, you have the option to use either one. For smaller tanks, we recommend using air pumps, while for larger tanks, recirculating pumps are preferred.

Q: Will Bio Diesel affect the pH of my final nutrient solution?

A: All Bio Diesel products are natural and do not raise the pH. They are pH-friendly and tend to lower the pH of most solutions by approximately 0.1. For instance, if the solution starts at a pH of 6.3 and you add Bio Diesel, it will typically become 6.2 pH.

Q: Will Bio Diesel affect the EC of my nutrient solution?

A: Bio Diesel will only increase your EC by approximately 0.1 EC points, equivalent to 50-70 ppm (parts per million). It seamlessly integrates into your existing or preferred growing program.

Q: How much nutrient solution and how many times per day do you recommend feeding a Coco Fiber 'run-to-waste' hydroponic system?

A: The frequency and volume of feeding depend on various factors, including the growth stage, pot size, growing environment, and the specific system being used. As a general starting point, it's advantageous to provide smaller feeds more frequently, particularly during the 'lights on' period. Once your plants are established and actively growing, you can begin with two feeds per day and increase to four feeds during the flowering stage (approximately every 3 hours during the 'lights on' period).

However, water consumption can vary based on different plant varieties and growing conditions. In general, aim to deliver at least 2 liters per day for 20-liter pots and 5 liters per day for larger 50-liter pots. It's essential to monitor the runoff from your nutrient solution against the fresh nutrient tank solution to assess the pH and EC (electrical conductivity) values of the Coco fibers and make necessary adjustments.