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Arizer Solo II Vaporizer - Mystic Blue

Extra Long Battery Life | For Dry Herbs & Aromatherapy

SKU: VAPO10603

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The Arizer Solo II Vaporiser is made to provide an amazing vaping experience. It guarantees your herbs are in contact with just glass, retaining their fresh and clean flavour. It has a stainless steel chamber and a ceramic heating element. Get rid of any metallic aftertaste and enjoy your herbs' genuine flavour.

Fill the base of the glass stems, which effortlessly connect to the vaporiser, with your herbs. This configuration makes switching between sessions simple and rapid. The Solo 2 requires little care even when it does need cleaning. It only has to be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol after clearing out any debris.


Personal Aromatherapy

Numerous aromatic herbs can be vaporised for aromatherapy with good benefits. The pleasant smells, terpenes, and botanical chemicals are released when your favourite herbs and flowers are heated to exact temperatures to support or improve energising or calming surroundings.

The Power to Choose

Utilise Custom Session Settings to configure and vape how you choose. At the stroke of a button, the user-friendly operating system and simple-to-ready OLED display provide you with complete control. The Solo II will remember the temperature you set in precise 1-degree steps the next time you turn it on.

Glass is the Clear Choice

Our original Glass Pod System is recognised for being simple to use and clean. Terpenes and flavours are enhanced by using pure borosilicate glass, an isolated airpath, and an all-glass vapour path. Arizer's cyclonic action in the herb chamber along with its unique advanced ceramic heating technology are made to efficiently extract the most flavour from your preferred dry herbs. For powerful action, combine a glass water bubbler from a different manufacturer with the optional Frosted Glass Aroma Tube (WPA).

Home & Away

The Solo II is the ideal vaporiser for usage in or outside of the home. Preloaded doses should be packed in odour-resistant PVC travel tubes and stored or transported in the handy carry case. Portable vaping is made possible by the long-lasting battery, the Use While Charging feature, and the variety of charging methods.

Quality & Performance

Founded in 2005, Arizer is a true innovator in the vaporiser market. Arizer has consistently lifted the bar and established new benchmarks for performance and quality through in-depth research and outstanding design. Arizer has earned a reputation for providing the best customer service in the industry together with high-quality items at competitive costs.

Note: We do not accept returns for opened, used vaporizers. We only accept returns of unopened (brand new) units or faulty units. Click here to LEARN MORE.


  • Manufacturer: Arizer
  • Made in: Canada
  • Device Dimensions: 11.4cm Height | 4.3cm Diameter
  • Materials: Stainless steel, glass stems, anodized exterior
  • Heating Element: Stainless steel
  • Heating Time: ~15-20 seconds
  • Temperature Range: 50°C-220°C
  • Temperature Control: Full digital control via front display
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Charger: AC adapter
  • Car Charger: Sold separately
  • Passthrough: Yes
  • Automatic Shut off: Programmable
  • Warranty: 2 Years

In The Box

  • [1] x Arizer Solo II vaporizer - AU plug
  • [1] x Short Straight Glass Stem
  • [1] x Long Straight glass stem
  • [1] x Potpourri Glass Bowl
  • [2] x Stem Caps
  • [1] x Stir Tool
  • [1] x AC battery charger
  • [1] x Optional Mesh Screen Pack
  • [1] x Instructions / Manual

2-year warranty

Q: What kinds of materials are suitable for use with the Solo II?

A: The Solo II is specifically designed for dry herbal materials. Please note that it is not intended for use with liquids, oils, concentrates, or similar substances.

Q: How much dry herb can the Solo II hold?

A: A single Solo II Glass Aroma Tube can hold approximately 0.3 grams of dry herb. For convenience, consider preloading extra Glass Aroma Tubes for swift replacements.

Q: What is the battery life on a full charge?

A: On a full charge, the Solo II battery can last for approximately 3 hours of continuous use.

Q: What temperature range is recommended for optimal performance?

A: To achieve a smoother and more flavorful vapor, aim for a temperature range between 180 – 200° Celsius (356 – 392° Fahrenheit). For a denser, more robust vapor, adjust the temperature to fall between 200 – 220° Celsius (392 – 428° Fahrenheit). Keep in mind that different herbal blends may require different temperatures for best results.

Q: Can I use a water filtration device or bubbler with the Solo II?

A: Yes, you can connect the 14mm and 19mm Solo II Frosted Glass Aroma Tubes to the most commonly available glass-on-glass downstem fittings for use with water filtration.

Q: Why isn't it turning on even though it's fully charged and unplugged?

A: To power on the Solo II when it's unplugged, press and hold both the (^) UP and (M) MENU buttons simultaneously. Release them after the countdown timer.

Q: What is the purpose of the metal screens?

A: While the Glass Aroma Tubes come with built-in glass screens, optional metal screens are available for added convenience. They help prevent material from passing through, although it's worth noting that they may result in harsher vapor and diminished flavors. For the smoothest and most flavorful experience, it's recommended to use whole or coarsely ground botanicals without a metal screen.