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Aqua Master Tools

Hydro Experts offers a wide selection of reliable Aqua Master Tools and equipment to monitor and maintain your aquatic environments. We carry a full range of pH meters, EC meters, combo pens, substrate pen meters, handheld and monitor meters, replaceable electrodes, PH calibration solutions and EC calibration solutions. Our aqua master tools are designed to provide accurate measurements you can trust. 

Our pH meters allow you to precisely measure the acidity or alkalinity of water and substrates. The EC meters measure electrical conductivity which indicates the total dissolved salt content. Combo pen meters combine pH and EC readings into one handy tester. Substrate pen meters are specially designed for measuring the pH and EC of soil and hydroponic substrates. 

For continuous monitoring, we offer both handheld and monitor meters. The handheld meters give you on-the-spot readings while monitor meters track measurements over time. Our meters come with replaceable electrodes that ensure accuracy for the life of the device. And we carry pH and EC calibration solutions to calibrate your meters for the most precise readings. 

Whether you need to monitor aquarium water, hydroponic solutions, ponds or industrial water systems, Hydro Experts offers the aqua master tools and supplies you need for accurate measurements and optimal results. Contact us today to discuss which testers and calibration solutions are right for your specific needs.

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