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Tropf-Blumat is an automatic watering system for plants all around the house. From flowering plants to your own vegetables, Tropf-Blumat is a needs-based system - watering only occurs when necessary. Every single plant is individually watered, reduces water consumption. Convenient Tropf-Blumat reliably takes care of the daily watering for you. You can also go on holiday with an easy mind at any time as Tropf-Blumat works all year round.

The Tropf-Blumat measures the moisture of the soil and at the same time regulates the release of water. Each plant, therefore, has its own moisture sensor and is individually watered. This is what makes Tropf system so unique. Simple & flexible Tropf-Blumat consists of just a few components and can be installed without any tools. You can change your system at any time and extend it to up to 500 watering points. Smart without electricity Tropf-Blumat works completely without electricity or water computer. 


It’s easy to install a Tropf-Blumat system. You don’t need any prior knowledge or tools, household scissors suffice. Once installed, the supply lines remain in place and don’t need to be removed in winter either. The positioning of the sensors is the same for all plants - you will quickly get the hang of it

  • Water supply
  • Installation and Positioning
  • Tropf-Blumat Maxi
  • Distribution Drippers

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