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Horiba LAQUAtwin Compact Salt Meter - Salt11 | Delivery Only
Horiba LAQUAtwin Compact Salt Meter Na-Based - B-721 | Delivery Only
Apera Instruments Salinity Tester - Salt2 | Auto Calibration | Salt | IP67
Blumat Digital Moisture Meter | 20CM Long

Blumat Digital Moisture Meter | 20CM Long

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Horiba LAQUAtwin Conductivity Sensor - S070 | Waterproof
Horiba LAQUAtwin Nitrate Ion Sensor - S040 | Waterproof
Horiba LAQUAtwin Salt EC Sensor - S071 | Waterproof

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Now, let’s get down to it by understanding and accepting a couple of key points and rules of thumb. 1. Start To begin, herbaceous root systems require near 100% humidity , ideally, at all times, otherwise the root tips die back. The root tip is the very s ...

Although there are ideal EC values for each plant type, this does not mean that a range of plants, all technically requiring different strength nutrients, cannot be grown in a home situation together. The grower simply lists the range of EC values and picks an average value. For most home systems this value is between 1.2EC and 2.0EC depending upon the requirements of the predominant crop types ...

Hard water results primarily from excess calcium, magnesium, sodium and other minerals dissolved in the ground water. Too much of any of these can greatly alter the mineral nutrient balance in the root zone and nutrient reservoirs. Sodium, for instance, competes with Potassium and you may end up with Potassium deficiency symptoms like brown leaf tips and less than optimal growth ...