Hydroponic Propagation Supplies

Hydroponics Propagation Supplies

Our propagation supplies include propagation trays & Humidity Domes, Cloning Gels & Solutions, Heat Mat, Scalpels, Clone Medium, and Propagation Accessories necessary to grow plants.

Browse our other extensive range of grow tents, lights, nutrients, and controllers. Visit in-store in Lidcombe or shop online.

GT Clonex Clone Solution - 1L | Rooting | Liquid | Propagation Compound

GT Clonex Clone Solution - 1L


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GT Clonex Purple Hormone Gel - 1L | Rooting | Clone | Propagation Compound

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EZI-ROOT is faster and more effective than most conventional preparations. Until now EZI-ROOT has only been available to commercial growers. Scientifically Researched & Proven Two hormones – contains NAA as well as IBA.Research shows that a combination of these two hormones is generally more effective across a widerrange of species than IBA alone. No Alcohol – unlike many gels, EZI-ROOT doesn’t use alcohol to dissolve the hormone, therefore is nonphytotoxic to plants. Wetting Agent – helps break down t ...

Grodan offers a crop-specific range of substrate slabs for vegetable growing, specifically for tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper and aubergine crops. Growers are increasingly focusing on desired crop development; this is partly determined by the variety that is selected, and the desired plant type. Factors that influence the choice of variety include the plant size, the required vine development with tomatoes or whether crops are grown under natural or grow lights. Propagators steer how to crop variety is propagated on the basis of cli ...

BEST GROWING SOLUTIONS For two decades Harvest Cube has been dedicated to providing sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions to growers all over the world. Our products are designed for excellent aeration and root propagation. The stone-wool that our engineers have manufactured allows for less watering and stress-free pH maintenance. ...

In the early 1950s, a resourceful gardener in the Norwegian city of Oslo invented the so-called Jiffypot®, a planting pot made from compressed peat, which becomes completely integrated with the root system and is transplanted with the plant – protecting the sensitive young seedlings from 'transplant shock'. With the Jiffy-7® peat pot, Jiffy created another milestone that is unmatched even today! It all started with a few nylon stockings giving birth to the idea of developing well-aerated and yet compact miniature cultivating pots that would guarantee optimum growth. Over the years ...