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Eazy Plug

The Eazy Plug system from Hydro Experts makes plant propagation and germination quick and easy. The patented Eazy Plug square block and pyramid shapes allow roots to grow freely in multiple directions, ensuring optimal root development. The open cell structure of the Eazy Plug plugs provides excellent aeration to roots while retaining just the right amount of moisture. The trays that house the Eazy Plug plugs have channels for efficient watering from below and stacking racks for easy organization. 

Whether you're a nursery, gardener, or hydroponic grower, Eazy Plugs will boost success rates for all of your seed starting and clone rooting needs. The stable plug design minimizes root disturbance during transplant for reduced transplant shock. Eazy Plugs are made of polyurethane foam, a durable yet flexible material that withstands the test of time. 

For reliable germination and rapid root growth, turn to Eazy Plug propagation plugs from Hydro Experts. The multiple plug shapes, tray configurations, and customization options provide a solution for any application. Contact Hydro Experts today to discuss which Eazy Plug system will best meet your propagation and transplant requirements.

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