Large Trimming Machines

A trimming machine will reduce trimming time from days to hours, provide a safer work environment, and allow you to focus your attention on more important matters. Trimming and removing plant foliage during harvest is without a doubt arduous, incredibly time-consuming, and a profit-killing nightmare for commercial growers. Trimmers are used for the removal of protruding leaves and roots, for the preparation of plants for essential oils, for the mixture of flower petals for potpourris. 

You can trim your plant's buds before or after drying, but you will need a trimming machine specific to wet or dry plant matter. Larger harvests can take weeks to trim by hand and can kill profits rapidly. To get the job done efficiently, use a trimming machine. These can turn to trim time for weeks to hours!

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Pro Cut Fast Bud Trimmer (Made in Canada)
Pro Cut P2X Bud Trimmer (Made in Canada)
Trimpro Rotor Table Only (Rotor Isn't included)
Twister T6 Trimmer Nitrided W/ Vacuum - Wet Only