Grow Tent Sizes

23% OFF RRP $310.00 Hot
Homebox HomeLab Indoor Portable Grow Tent - HL100 V2.0 | 1M x 1M x 2M
17% OFF RRP $180.00
Hydro Experts Grow Tent - 1.2M x 1.2M x 2M | Hydroponics Indoor Green House
19% OFF RRP $160.00
Hydro Experts Grow Tent - 0.8M x 0.8M x 1.8M | Hydroponics Indoor Green House
23% OFF RRP $420.00 Hot
HomeBox Evolution PAR+ - Q100 | 100 x 100 x 200CM | Grow Ultimate Indoor Tent
18% OFF RRP $440.00 Hot
HomeBox Evolution PAR+ - Q120 | 120 x 120 x 200CM | Grow Ultimate Indoor Tent
15% OFF RRP $1,100.00 Hot
HomeBox Evolution PAR+ - Q240 | 240 x 240 x 200CM | Grow Ultimate Indoor Tent
19% OFF RRP $1,240.00 Hot
HomeBox Evolution PAR+ - Q300 | 300 x 300 x 200CM | Grow Ultimate Indoor Tent
31% OFF RRP $350.00 Hot
HomeBox Evolution PAR+ - Q80 | 80 x 80 x 160CM | Grow Ultimate Indoor Tent
11% OFF RRP $730.00 Hot
HomeBox Evolution PAR+ - R240 | 240 x 120 x 200CM | Grow Ultimate Indoor Tent

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Author: By Hydrofarm’s Kelley Ryan   Date Posted: 9 October 2017  

When setting up an indoor garden, air circulation and exhaust are just as important to your overall plant’s health as water and light. A successful gardener can use airflow to control temperature and humidity, which will help prevent disease and eliminate hot spots. So…what’s the best way to set up your exhaust? Keep in mind that hot air rises, so the best place to set up your outgoing air is at the top of your room, and intake should be closer to th ...

Over many years, the Jungle Room Indoor Harvest System has been perfected to achieve the optimum, self-contained, tripocal rainforest ecosystem delivered in an indoor space. Experienced and new hydroponics gardeners alike can enjoy optimal plant growth, without the hassle and waste of configuring their space themselves. In addition, the Jungle Room system is simple and fast to pop and down, with steel construction and quality materials containing any wasted light, possible spills or nutrient odour, in a range of different sized environments. Discerning hydroponics gardeners c ...

The GrowLab™ has long been a first choice for growers who want a quick and convenient indoor garden. It’s a fuss-free solution—no need for tools or DIY know-how. Simply unpack, assemble and convert virtually any space into a clean and productive growing area in minutes. Designed to make life easy, the new GrowLab™ range has been completely overhauled to incorporate exciting new features and improvements to give you the best possible growing experience. The GrowLab™ is everything you expect from a portable, indoor grow tent—and more! Trouble Free - The ...

HOMEbox® Evolution represents the culmination of everything we know about growing plants indoors. Ever since we invented the original portable grow tent back in 2001 we haven’t stopped innovating and improving. The result is HOMEbox® Evolution – our most advanced portable grow tent to date. Quite simply, it forms the ideal space for growing plants indoors, unsurpassed by any other grow tent on the market. ...

The Story of Gorilla Grow Tent: This is the story of the creation of the Gorilla Grow Tent, the world’s #1 rated grow tent made for professionals and perfect for beginners. Frustrated with the current selection of grow tents, a group of California growers, designers, and engineers collaborated in San Francisco in 2011 to revolutionize the future of indoor gardening. Their goal was simple: produce the thickest, strongest, and most durable grow tent that could also adjust vertically to instantly increase much needed grow ...

Author: Eric Hopper   Date Posted: 21 September 2017  

Q: I’m about to buy my first grow tent. What sort of lighting system is best? And how many lights do I actually need? A: High-intensity discharge lights, including metal halide and high-pressure sodium, are still the most commonly used lighting systems in grow tents. However, many growers have been turning to fluorescents or LEDs with great success. Although grow tents differ from a typical growroom in a few ways, the same basic principles for lighting requirements still apply. If you are using HID or fluorescents, you should ...