Gorilla Grow Tent - Original

Gorilla Grow Tents feature a patent pending adjustable height extension kit that gives you the ability to increase your growing space height from 7' to 8' or 9' tall. Our tents are tallest, thickest and strongest grow tents available for indoor gardening. Gorilla tents are an astounding 1680D thick! Therefore, light leaks are a thing of the past. All air and electrical dual-clinching ducts are in perfect position. An industry first infrared blocking roof with height adjustability from 213 CM to 244CM and beyond with our easy height extension kits. Perfect for a new type of European double ended light fixtures when height is an issue.

Your plants can grow up to 50% larger. Never again will you have to worry about your plants outgrowing your growing lights and indoor grow room. Now you can experience crouch free maneuvering without banging your head on low hanging lights. 

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