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HomeBox’s Ambient grow box series is composed of durable canvas, incredibly reflective mylar, and heavy-duty metallic support. The mylar plays a dual role reflecting the maximum amount of light on each plant while reducing thermal discharge that can be detected from outside sources. The name Ambient makes the message clear: integrate the growbox into the living space, for a beautiful living experience“ for home gardeners and perfect indoor gardening.

16 Products
Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AQ100 | 1M x 1M x 2M
Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AQ60+ | 0.6M x 0.6M x 1.6M
Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AQ80+ | 0.8M x 0.8M x 1.8M
Homebox Ambient Grow Tent - AR120 | 1.2M x 0.9M x 1.8M