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Turbo Klone

Turbo Klone is a company dedicated to manufacturing the best Cloning and Propagating equipment for the indoor growing industry, from beginner to pro. Turbo Klone products are simply the best Cloning devices on the market. Not only are they affordable, but they also work every time to maximize your yield.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell Turbo Klone products like Aeroponic Cloning System, Replacement Collare, Water Pump, and Elite Stem Collars.

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TurboKlone T24 Aeroponic Cloning System - 24 Turbo Site Kloners | w/ Dome

How to Clean and Maintain Your Turbo Klone Aeroponics Cloner:

To ensure the proper upkeep of your Turbo Klone aeroponics cloner, follow these steps for cleaning and maintenance:

  1. Create a Cleaning Solution: Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing hydrogen peroxide and water in a 50/50 ratio. This solution will effectively eliminate any contaminants from your cloner.

  2. Thoroughly Rinse: After cleaning your cloner with the hydrogen peroxide and water mixture, be sure to rinse all parts of the unit thoroughly. This step is crucial to remove any residual hydrogen peroxide.

  3. Allow Drying: Once cleaned and rinsed, let your cloner air dry upside down for a minimum of 30 minutes. Proper drying helps prevent the growth of mould or bacteria.

  4. Ready for Use: After drying, your Turbo Klone aeroponics cloner is ready to be used again. Clean components contribute to the successful cloning process.

Q: What Type of Water to Use for Your Turbo Klone Aeroponics Cloner?

A: We recommend using tap water for your aeroponic system. It's important to have some particulates in the water to aid in the rooting of new clones. Before initiating your first cycle, ensure that the pH level of the water is approximately 5.8. Throughout the cloning process, monitor and maintain your pH levels accordingly.

Maintain the water temperature within the range of 20-22 degrees Celsius for optimal results.

Q: Do I Need a Humidity Dome?

A: The necessity of a humidity dome depends on your specific growing environment. If your room's humidity is less than 60%, it's advisable to use a humidity dome. This addition creates the ideal environment for efficient rooting of your clippings, especially in dry climates.

Q: Does My Pump Need to Run Continuously?

A: The operation of the pump can vary based on individual preferences and conditions. Running the pump continuously ensures a constant flow of water through the system, which benefits root health. We recommend experimenting with different pump operation schedules to determine the best approach for your cloning procedure.