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Turbo Klone - FAQ

Turbo Klone is a company dedicated to manufacturing the best Cloning and Propagating equipment for the indoor growing industry, from beginner to pro. Turbo Klone products are simply the best Cloning devices on the market. Not only are they affordable, but they also work every time to maximize your yield. We, at Hydro Experts, sell Turbo Klone products like Aeroponic Cloning System, Replacement Collars, Water Pump, and Elite Stem Collars.

How do I assemble my TurboKlone® Unit?

How frequently does my cloning unit need to be cleaned?

Great, but how do I clean my TurboKlone Unit?

  • While there are many options for cleaning, we recommend that you use a 30:1 ratio of water (H2O): hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and run the cloner with the solution for a full day. The following day, empty your unit and run it with pure water (H2O) for a minimum of eight hours.

What temperature should my reservoir be?

  • We recommend keeping your TurboKlone’s reservoir temperatures between 65℉ and 75℉, with your ideal temperature being 70℉. Unlike other cloning units, TurboKlone’s cloning units help keep your temperatures down with our patented, self-cooling design.

What are the specs on your cloning systems?

  • A table of specifications are located below the cloner description of each cloner product page.

What kind of water should I use?

  • At TurboKlone, we recommend plain tap or well water. However, if you only have access to RO water, we suggest adding in some spring water to increase the number of particulates. Water free of particulates provides less nutrients to the plant and makes the water more difficult to pH. 

What should the pH of my water be?

  • The ideal pH for efficient propagation is between 5.8 and 6.2.  

What kind of light works best with my TurboKlone System?

  • Simple T12 fluorescent 40-watt lights work great. A two-foot dual bulb fixture works well over the 16 and 32 site systems while a four-foot dual bulb fixture works well for the 64 and 128 site system. 

How far should my light be from my cuttings?

  • 18-24 inches is more than sufficient.

What light schedule should my clones be on?

  • It’s usually the grower's preference, but 18 – 24 hours a day works great.

How large should my cutting be?

  • You want your cutting to be somewhere between six” and eight” in length. It is important to remember that the larger the cutting, the more energy it requires to sustain itself. Be sure to keep about two” exposed on the inside of the unit.

How long until I start seeing roots?

  • Root development can be influenced by several varied factors, including your cloning environment, the type of plant you are cloning, and the condition of the mother plant you’ve selected. That said, most cuttings will begin to form root nodules between 5 to 8 days and will be ready to transplant between 12 and 16.

When are my cuttings ready to be transplanted?

  • Depending on the medium you're transplanting into, your cuttings should have roots that are at least 2” long. Typically, longer, more developed roots have a higher success rate. Remember if roots get too long, they can be trimmed with sterile scissors during transplanting.

Where’s the best place to set up and run my TurboKlone Unit?

  • Stability is key. We recommend finding a flat, sturdy surface that is easily accessible and capable of supporting your fully loaded unit. Worktables, commercial racking, or floor-mounted shelving are all great options. 

Can I reuse my Clone Collars?

  • Yes. Our collars can be cleaned by soaking them in the same solution of water and hydrogen peroxide (30:1 ratio). While cleaning your collars is an option, may growers choose to replace them each cycle to avoid contamination from left over plant material and bacteria.

Do I need the humidity dome?

  • Humidity domes can be remarkably effective but are not always necessarily. Humidity domes are available for users who are cloning in an environment with less than 40% humidity. When using a humidity dome, it is particularly important to remove the dome daily and allow any excessive moisture build-up to evaporate. This decreases the risk.

Does my pump need to run continuously 24 hours a day?

  • The short answer is yes. TurboKlone’s pumps are magnetic drive pumps and are designed to be run continuously. In fact, repeated powering on and off your pump can lead to pump failure. While some people do prefer to power cycle their units, doing so will void your pump warranty. Power cycle at your own risk.

Do my TurboKlone products come with a warranty?

  • Yes. TurboKlone products are all under warranty for the first 90 days following your purchase. If you run into an issue, send us an email at