Jungle Room Original Clone Propagation Tent - 0.85M x 0.5M x 0.4M

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You won't come across any big cats or poisonous snakes in these jungles only your lush, green plants.

Bloomerang Jungle Grow Tents range in size from a 2" x 4" model to a 10" x 10" model to accommodate any space restrictions you might have. Having a portable, dedicated space for your growing project allows you to place your grow room in any space in your home and conveniently move it when necessary.

With ultra-reflective interior lining, double closing vent pouches to prevent light leaks, and screen vents to help deter negative pressure, your plants will be happy to call this Jungle home.

In The Box

  • [1] x Jungle Room Original Clone Propagation Tent - 0.85M x 0.5M x 0.4M
  • Portable and Non-Permanent Grow Room
  • Easy to Setup and Take Down
  • Constructed with Thick, Light Proof Material
  • Sturdy Zippers for Hassle Free Opening and Closing
  • Metal Pole Spring-Locking Frame for Stability
  • Ultra Reflective Interior Lining for Maximum Brightness
  • Double Closing Vent Pouches to Prevent Light Leaks
  • Removable Floor for Simple Cleanup between Harvests
  • Lower Screen Vents to Prevent Negative Over-Pressurization