LED Grow Lights

There’s good reason LED technology is now used in everything from household and automotive to medical applications. Light output per watt is about twice that of alternative sources, meaning huge electricity savings over time. Energy loss to heat is low, so you can save on ventilation and cooling systems.

The New Generation of LED grows lights are compact and robust enough to be used in small and exposed spaces. There is no need for ballasts or reflectors. What is more, LED units remain efficient even after years of use – and they last for a very, very long time.

A LED unit can maintain almost 100% of its original peak output throughout a lifetime of up to 80,000 hours (over 9 years of continuous use). Traditional bulbs last only a quarter of that time, and they retain peak output for only the first 3,000-6,000 hours (4 – 8 months). And, last but not the least, LED enables configurable full-spectrum output, making it the perfect grow light for seedlings, clones, vegetation and flower 

Hydro experts offer a full range of the best LED grow lights, including California Lightworks, Black Dog LED, Lumatek, Fluence, Mars Hydro, Pro Grow, Spider Farmer & Viparspectra. We also offer FREE DELIVERY for all orders over $499 Australia Wide.

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