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Hi-PAR 315w LEC Horticultural Light Sunstorm Review and Unboxing

By Stealth Garden     24 August 2017 

Quick summary video about the latest batch of HiPAR Horticultural lights we've received in our Australian warehouse. 

The Sunstorm kit use #315w #LECtechnology for impressive plant growth. The light output is very similar to sunlight allowing more natural plant development

and increases in essential oils. 

The kit includes their LEC square-wave ballast, the latest 315w 930 Horticultural bulb and new specific HiPAR 315w Reflector optimised for LEC Technology. 


Extra information for
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Hi-Par Sunstorm CMH Reflector Horizontal 315W…
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Hi-par 315w Sunstorm Control Kit - Horizontal Reflector