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SMSCom Smart Fan Controller MK II - Max Load 6.5A | 1500W | NO NTC Sensor

SKU: CTRL50502

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The SMSCOM fan controller is ideal for dimming down your intake or exhaust fan. The system ensures a constant air flow. With the left dial you can pre-set your fan on a minimum speed it will run at, in order to operate more efficiently, stealthily and with greater control over temperature and humidity. 


When used as fan controller:

The fancontroller works as a manually adjustable dimmer. You can set the fan speed with the left control knob. Just plug your fan into the controller - ready to go! 


The right control knob has got no function, until a temperature sensor is plugged in!

Use as Smart Controller (you need the temperature sensor):

After you connected the fan controller with the temperature sensor, you can set the desired room temperature with the right control knob. The smart controller automatically adjusts the fans speed, to ensure that the set temperature is satisfied.

If the temperature in the room decreases below the set temperature, the fan will decrease down to the set minimum speed on the left dial. Perfect for nighttime temperature fluctuations! 

The SMSCOM Smart Controller is a powerful little unit that has thermostat controlled Motion Flow technology to continuously regulate the room. The smart sensor technology continuously measures the temperature of the room and regulates the fan speed accordingly, keeping your plants happier and also reducing electricity bills!

  • Plug and play, no wiring necessary
  • Made in Holland
  • Max load 6.5 amp
  • Very smooth fan speed adjustment
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Increased energy efficiency in your production cultivation

In The Box

  • [1] x SMSCom Smart Fan Controller MK II - Max Load 6.5A | 1500W | NO NTC Sensor

How the SMSCom Plug-in Fan Speed Controller Works:

The SMSCom plug-in fan speed controller is a great little piece of kit that allows you to control the speed of your in-line duct fan. The unit plugs directly into a mains outlet and your extraction fan plugs directly into the socket located on the front of the unit. The control on the front of the unit allows the user to manually adjust the speed of the fan and thereby control the rate of extraction.

A higher rate of extraction during summer months is generally good as it will reduce the temperature and humidity in the grow-space. However, during winter months, a fan running at full speed may reduce your grow-space temperature too much. The SMSCom fan speed controller allows you to reduce the fan speed, allowing your grow-space to remain at a good temperature while simultaneously reducing fan and duct noise.

The SMSCom Plug-in Fan Speed can adjust the speed of fans with a maximum power consumption of 1000 Watts (current draw of 5 Amps).


Using the SMSCom Plug-in Fan Speed Controller

Plug the fan speed controller into a mains socket and then plug your extractor fan into the socket on the front. When the mains socket is switched on, your fan will begin to run. Use the control on the front of the SMSCom fan speed controller to increase or decrease the fan speed as required.

Remember, the fan speed always needs to be high enough to remove adequate amounts of stale air from your grow space, even when the room is cold. If the fan speed is too low, there may not be enough fresh air exchange to replenish CO2 for optimal plant growth. Also, having your fan speed too low may not keep the humidity down enough for good plant growth and to reduce the chances of mould or rot during flowering.

Set the minimum fan speed by using the control on the front of the fan speed controller. Place the temperature probe in an appropriate place in your grow-space and set the control on the front of it to the temperature at which you want the fan speed to run at maximum. When that temperature is reached, the fan speed will be increased to full until the temperature in the grow-space has been reduced.

The SMSCom Plug-in Fan Speed can adjust the speed of fans with a maximum power consumption of 1000Watts (current draw of 5 Amps). However, it should never be used to control the speed of circulation type fans which generally have their own speed control. Using the SMSCom fan speed controller to control a circulation fan will invariably burn out the controller or the fan itself.