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December End of Year Sale 2023 - Up To 15% OFF -mb


Autogrow specializes in the research, development & innovation of automated growing solutions so that you can grow anywhere with Autogrow. They are the first in the industry to have a cloud-based portal, My. Autogrow, that lets you remotely monitor and manage your automated control systems. Autogrow systems are designed to work across a wide range of equipment, so you can efficiently make use of what you already have. Automation and data analytics can not only help you grow healthier plants and save on labour, but it can also significantly lower your risk of crop loss. With remote access control from any mobile device, you can know immediately if anything goes wrong with the text and email alerts. Autogrow help growers produce sustainable crops using automation. That includes new growers setting up their grow sites and existing growers looking to modernize. Their goal is to allow growers to work more efficiently and to put their energy in the places that need it most. 

We, at Hydro Experts, sell an extensive range of Autogrow products such as IntelliDose Complete Kit, Mini Peristaltic Pump, Doser SystemIntelliClimate Enviro Sensor, Triple Peristaltic Pump for IntelliDose, and many more.

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