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SMSCOM has a full range of Fan Controllers. Wether it concerns a manual digital Smart Controller or the advanced software controlled Hybrid Controller, there always is a SMSCOM controller that fill you needs. From 2002 2S International BV develops and produces innovative solutions for monitoring and controlling surroundings. 

Whether it concerns the climate in a room, the monitoring and controlling of a green house or a fish tank, 2S International BV has the hard- and software solution.

  • Fan Control
  • Soil Moisture and Temperature
  • Co2, Temperature, Humidity, Luminosity
  • EC/pH

We, at Hydro Experts, sell an wide range of SMSCOM Fan controllers and temperature sensors such as SMSCom Hybrid Controller MKII, Pro Twin Fan Controller MKII, Smart Fan Controller MK II, and NTC Temperature Sensor.

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