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Hydro Experts stocks a wide variety of high-quality Fan speed controller, Light controller, timer and multi-functional controllers from Hydro Axis, eziPlug, JBL and others in order to control the atmosphere of a greenhouse.

SMSCom NTC Temperature Sensor Only
SMSCom Hybrid Controller MKII - 8A | Twin Fan Smart Controller | Thermostats
Sea Hawk Timer Reset Box

Sea Hawk Timer Reset Box


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SMSCom Hybrid Controller MKII - 4A | Twin Fan Speed Controller | No Humming

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Author: By Hydrofarm’s Kelley Ryan   Date Posted: 9 October 2017  

When setting up an indoor garden, air circulation and exhaust are just as important to your overall plant’s health as water and light. A successful gardener can use airflow to control temperature and humidity, which will help prevent disease and eliminate hot spots. So…what’s the best way to set up your exhaust? Keep in mind that hot air rises, so the best place to set up your outgoing air is at the top of your room, and intake should be closer to the floor where the air is cooler. It’s important to note that an intake fan is not alway ...

Proper odor control can be a very important part of any indoor garden. There are a few major methods that growers use to manage the odor produced by their garden. Depending on the type of plants you grow, you may not want the odors produced to escape your grow room. For example, lemon sage and castor beans are very fragrant. We hope this guide will help you select the correct odor management system for your grow room. Carbon Filters There are many methods available for controlling odor, the most popular of which is a carbon filter. A c ...

Author: CANNA Research   Date Posted: 21 September 2017  

Temperature is a key factor in plant growth and development. Along with the levels of light, carbon dioxide, air humidity, water and nutrients, temperature influences plant growth and ultimately crop yields. All these factors should be in balance. Temperature influences the plant in the short term as well as the long term. ...

Author: JTRourke   Date Posted: 9 December 2015  

Author: Grubby cup from Maximum Yield   Date Posted: 19 December 2017  

Takeaway: Plants that use the duration of their dark periods to signal flowering are said to be subject to photoperiodism and are classified as either ‘short day’ or ‘long day’ plants . Grubbycup explains how using this knowledge allows for plant growth manipulation. In photoperiodistic plants, specialized photoreceptors ca ...