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Growth Technology Orchid Focus Bloom - 1L / 5L / 20L

12 Essential Mineral

SKU: HNRT10021

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One of the enduring myths about orchids is that they do not require feeding. It is certainly true that orchids, particularly the epiphytes, have evolved in conditions where mineral nutrients are in limited supply and consequently they require smaller amounts than other plants. Orchids are nonetheless still green plants and like all green plants, they rely on essential minerals and energy from the sun to convert those minerals into sugars and starches to produce shoots, leaves, and blooms. In order to achieve optimum growth and health, orchids require the correct nutrition supplied at the correct time.

Orchids have highly specialized requirements and will perform best with a nutritional program designed specifically for them. Over the years, numerous orchid specific fertilizers have appeared in the marketplace, all promising outstanding results. Very few are able to compete with the results-driven ORCHID FOCUS. As the name suggests, ORCHID FOCUS is specifically formulated to meet the exacting needs of most orchids, taking into account the nutritional specifics that are common across the different genera.


ORCHID FOCUS contains all 12 essential minerals – calcium, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, and molybdenum - carefully blended into an easily absorbed liquid solution and balanced to suit the requirements of most orchids. The revolutionary Single Pack Technology (SPT) required in blending all 12 minerals into a completely soluble and concentrated liquid form was first pioneered by Growth Technology 15 years ago. The technology remains elusive for mist fertilizer manufacturers and this is reflected in the absence of vital minerals in their solutions.

ORCHID FOCUS is manufactured using only high-grade raw materials and chelated trace elements to ensure effortless absorption by the plant. Importantly, it is guaranteed not to contain sodium chloride and the potentially harmful and ineffective Urea. Urea is used by some manufacturers as an inexpensive source of nitrogen, an element essential for growth in orchids and all plants. Orchids are commonly cultivated in inert media such as bark or perlite. Urea is highly unsuitable for cultivation any plants in inert media quite simply because these maims lack the soil bacteria and micro-organisms required to convert urea into a form accessible to the plant. Without the necessary conversion into a useable form, urea can become quite toxic very quickly. Nitrate is the ideal form of nitrogen for orchid cultivation. At the correct levels, it can deliver strong healthy growth over extended periods. ORCHID FOCUS contains 100% of its nitrogen in the nitrate form.

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