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Available in: 1 L / 4 L

Salinity can become a serious issue for those gardeners growing in containers and recirculation systems. Salt build up can cause problems for growing plants and can cause bitterness in harvested fruit. Grotek Final Flush™ is a flushing agent designed to correct over feeding issues during crop production while eliminating excess salts from the medium during the final stages of plant growth.


  • [1] x Grotek Final Flush - (Available in: 1L / 4L)
  • SHAKE WELL before using. Observe for visible signs of excess fertilizer salts such as the appearance of a white, powdery residue on the surface of the growing medium. Use 10 ml of Final Flush per 5 L (2 tsp/5qt) of water. Safe to use while plants are growing or between crops. 
  • Hydroponics: Add Final Flush mixture to pure water in the nutrient reservoir and run the system for about one hour.
  • Soil/Soilless Applications: Apply Final Flush mixture liberally to the top of the container and allow any excess solution to drain out the bottom. Repeat a second time if necessary and then wait one week before resuming a regular feeding program. 
  • Prior to Harvest: Use mixture 7-10 days before harvest, to remove unnecessary fertilizer salts and fertilizer flavors.
Brand Grotek
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