Grotek Blossom Blaster - 20G / 130G / 300G / 1Kg | NPK: 0-39-25

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NPK: 0-39-25
Available in: 20 g / 130g / 300 g / 500 g / 1 kg

Blossom Blaster  provides available phosphorous to improve root development and aid in blooming and fruiting. Potassium is instrumental in moving sugars produced by photosynthesis. This powerful flowering supplement should be added twice during the initial 3 weeks of flowering. Blossom Blaster is effective in all growing mediums and is compatible with all base nutrients. 

Do not use as a foliar spray. Always use fresh product. Do not add to existing solutions. 

In The Box

  • [1] x Grotek Blossom Blaster (Available in: 20G / 130G / 300G / 1KG)

Hydroponics: For every 10 L (2.5 gal) of growing solution in your reservoir, mix in 1 g (1/4 tsp) of Blossom Blaster™. Add Blossom Blaster directly to your reservoir when flower buds appear established. Mix it in well. Repeat once more two weeks later. 

Soil/Soilless Applications: For every 10 L (2.5 gal) of water, mix in 1 g (1/4 tsp) of Blossom Blaster. Dissolve Blossom Blaster directly into your watering jug. Water with 1/2 L (1/2 qt) per plant when the first flowers appear. Repeat once more two weeks later.