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FOHSE Greenhouse LED Grow Light - Cobra 700W | Samsung Diodes | PPF: 2261umol/s | IP65

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Introducing the FOHSE Glasshouse LED Grow Light - Cobra 700W, a cutting-edge horticultural invention. The Cobra 700W delivers a slim profile with great power and was created to be the best smart LED grow light for glasshouses. It gives your plants the ideal supplemental light source without sacrificing intensity or energy economy. FOHSE Cobra 700W is a superb option for any glasshouse grower looking to up their production game.


Slim Profile, Big Power

The FOHSE Cobra 700W has a sleek and modern design that fits in with any glasshouse setting and makes the best use of available space. The Cobra's all-in-one housing eliminates the need for additional parts, making installation simpler than with conventional bulky grow lights. It's as simple as unboxing, hanging, and plugging it in. Say goodbye to shadows and uneven lighting, and welcome to a consistent, potent light source that will accelerate the development and productivity of your plant.

Thermal Management

The FOHSE Cobra 700W is equipped with aircraft-grade aluminium heat sinks to enable excellent passive cooling of the fixture. This innovative thermal management technology keeps the LED diodes at lower temperatures, improving performance and extending the grow light's total lifespan. You can be confident in the Cobra 700W's dependability and lifespan, guaranteeing that your glasshouse is illuminated with consistent and optimised light.

IP66 Rating

The IP66 rating of the FOHSE Cobra 700W protects your plants from external risks. This rating guarantees that the grow light is completely free of mites, dirt, debris, bugs, and bacteria. Cleaning the fixture is simple because you can simply spray it down without having to go through complicated installation procedures. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your glasshouse plants are safe and secure thanks to the Cobra 700W's trustworthy protection.


  • PPF: 2261μmol/s
  • PPE: 3.06-3.23μmol/J
  • LED Type: Samsung 301D+ San’an 3535 660nm
  • Consumption Wattage at 100% Power: 700W
  • Maximum BTU Output: 2387
  • Input Voltage Options: 120 - 277
  • Max Ambient Air Operating Temp: 104°F
  • Dimensions: 46” x 4.75” x 5.75”
  • Weight: 9.97kg

In The Box

  • [1] x FOHSE F1V LED Grow Light - 1000W | Samsung Diodes | PPF: 2556umol/s | IP65