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BVB Coco Premium Air Blend - 70L Bag | RHP Certified | Over 40% Air Porosity

SKU: SUBS40202
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BVB Premium Air Blend is the best organic cocoa coir solution for medical-grade gardens and is packaged in a massive 70L bag! This Air Coco mixture is manufactured in Holland and washed in uniquely filtered Dutch water, ensuring it is beautifully clean for your garden! 

BVB Coco Air Premium is an optimal blend of coco fiber and perlite. RHP Certified, buffered, and precisely prepared for horticultural use. BVB Coco Air Premium is suitable for use in commercial production, research, or home gardens. Using a unique mixture of coco fiber, coco chips, and 10% perlite allows for effective air porosity and drainage while maintaining beautiful moisture and nutrient retention. 

The fine Dutch coco coir has a starting pH of 5.5 - 6.2, EC <1, and no added fertilizer. Buffering ensures pH stability, consistency and removes any impurities; providing you with a consistent substrate for every single crop. 

Coco Air Premium is manufactured by the world leader in substrate supplies, BVB. While using the latest in Netherlands manufacturing technology, BVB has over 100 years of experience in the horticultural sector and is proud to produce the world's best substrates. 

Coco Coir and Perlite is a perfect mixture to encourage beneficial microbial populations (mycorrhizae and Trichoderma) and simultaneously maintains perfect nutrient and moisture retention. Coco Air Premium is used by commercial farms, universities, research institutions, nurseries, and home gardens; perfect for all garden requirements! 

  • Coco Air Premium is made using an optimized ratio of coco fiber, coco chips, and 10% perlite
  • Precise mixture with approximately 40% air porosity 
  • RHP Certified for use in horticulture
  • No heavy metals, added fertilizers, or chemicals
  • Rinsed using filtered Dutch water
  • Starting EC <1.0
  • The ultimate substrate for maximum yield and quality in your garden
  • 70L bag gives you better value! 
  • The BVB air blend has 10% perlite in it.

Our range of BVB Substrates is sustainably sourced according to the Responsible Peatland Management Code of Practice. 

In The Box

  • [1] x BVB Coco Premium Air Blend - 70L Bag | RHP Certified | Over 40% Air Porosity