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Based in Melbourne, over 25 years of experience, combined with modern production facilities and a desire for perfection makes BVB Australia the best partner for your growing media needs. On top of that, we provide optimal service and personalised advice not only on the best-growing media but also on fertiliser and other growth-related issues. We are a leading growing media supplier with a head office in The Netherlands; the horticultural centre of the world. BVB Substrates is a worldwide supplier of growing media for the horticultural industry soft fruits, mushrooms, landscape, tree nursery and retail sector. Our quality substrates are being used in over 80 countries to grow (young) plants, vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell a good range of BVB substrates such as Coco Premium Air Blend, BVB Soil, Pallet (45 Bags) of Coco Premium with fine peat. Shop online today from Hydro Experts and get free delivery over $499.

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