Garden Care

29 November 2019
Takeaway: There is an old saying: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is so true for indoor horticulturists. Preventing pathogens and pests that could destroy an otherwise healthy crop is som ...
Eric Hopper

12 September 2018
Takeaway: A sure-fire way to quickly kill hydroponic plants is through pathogens in the water supply. By keeping water clean, growers can practice environmental r ...
Karen Lloyd

White Fly Usually found on the underside of leaves, whitefiles feed on the sap of plants, causing them to wilt, ...
Dome Garden Supplies

1 August 2017
Source: Adrian Christopher/ (I hope this image does not make you think of something else) Takeaway ...
David Kessler from Maxmum Yield

3 November 2016
Takeaway : Not all bugs are bad; in fact, many insects are beneficial to have in the garden. These helpful c ...
Nikki Phipps from Maximum yeild