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Bugs Insects The Usual Suspects hydroponic pest control

By Dome Garden Supplies  

treatment for whiteflies in garden

White Fly

  • Usually found on the underside of leaves, whitefiles feed on the sap of plants, causing them to wilt, turn yellow & grow poorly. If you shake a plant, white flies will be visible as they will fly into the air.
  • Treatment: Use Eco-Neem, bugs traps or any similar products on the market.



treatment for spider mite in marijuana leaf

Spider Mites

  • They look like little spiders and whiteflies and they feed on the sap of the plant, causing leaves to become spotted & eventually turn brown & drop off. If you have spider mites, you will usually notice the presence of their eggs (tiny spots) and even the spider mites themselves on the underside of a leaf.
  • Treatment: use Eco-Neem or Mite-Rid.



Treatment for fungus gnat in garden

Scarid Fly (Fungas Gnats)

  • They look like tiny mosquitoes & are usually attracted to moist & organic mediums. They cause damage from their larvae as they chew & devour the fine root hairs of the plant. This can cause waterborne diseases such as Pythium.
  • Treatment: Use bug traps, Eco-Neem or NL Scarid 10.



Treatment in onion thrips


  • They are greyish, yellowy brown in colour. They tendt to pierce & rasp the leaf surface with their mouths & release the liquids from the plant cells. Patches of streaks will appear on leaves & in extreme cases, the leaves will be disfigured.
  • Treatment: Use Eco-Neem.



Treatment for aphids on marijuana


  • They are usually pale green, but their colour can vary from shades of white to black. Aphids feed on the phloem sap, which is found in the leaves of the plant. By doing this, they remove amnio acids & sugars for digestion. Early signs of aphids maybe noticeable by leaf curl or damage. You may also notice the shedding of their skin on the surface or underside of the leaves.
  • Treatment: Use Eco-Neem or Eco-Oil or Bug Traps.