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Nulife Technologies (AUS)


The Future in Hydroponics

We at Nulife Technologies are Australia's leading hydroponic nutrients manufacturer. Using the latest technological advances in Hydroponics today we bring to you, the home/indoor gardener, the most sophisticated and effective nutrients and additives available on the market.

Nulife Technologies also has the largest group of APMVA licensed products for the hydroponic industry in Australia. ( See Products page).

We make the most advanced commercial grade nutrients and additives for the professional growers of Australia and around the world. Now the same commercial nutrients are available to you, the indoor grower, in domestic quantities at competitive prices. That's why our nutrients are 43% stronger and 100% superior.

We know all about growing too. The Nulife team is comprised of a group of professionals including a  licensed  Chemist and a professional grower who together have a combined wealth of knowledge and real experience. It's with this experience and knowledge that we have created Australia's largest range of hydroponic products and have published professional literature that will solve all of your growing problems.

At Nulife Technologies our philosophy is "Your problem is our problem". That's why we have made available to you FREE, the Condensed Grower's Guide to help answer some of the questions that may not be easy to ask. So ask your retailer for your FREE Condensed Grower's Guide today or download from the Growing Tips and FAQs section.

'How' you grow is as important as 'what' you use to grow. We have developed nutrients that will naturally suit all techniques. We all know that a combination of the 'what' and 'how' will produce the best results but the difference between average growers and advanced growers comes down to 'what' they use. You can have the best techniques and still have modest results from using substandard nutrients or additives. So take the next step and use Nulife professional products, the only commercial products available to you, the domestic gardener.

We at Nulife Technologies have always produced commercial hydroponic nutrients and additives for the expert horticulturists and specialize in doing so. Commercial grade , meaning the highest quality for professional use, was until now only available to the professionals. So don't be left behind using domestic grade nutrients. Switch to commercial grade nutrients and become a professional grower today.

Excellence is the end result we would all like to achieve and with Nulife products you will get the results you would expect from commercial nutrients. That's our promise to you. Growers who have changed over to Nulife products have not looked back. The results speak for themselves. You will notice far higher crop yields and healthier plants than ever before. So don't just grow average crops, because with Nulife, you'll grow the greatest crops.

Don’t just take our word for it give the products a try and let the results speak for themselves .

Breathe Nulife into your Plants.

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