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Cyco Platinum Flower PGR (A) + (B) - 2 x 1L | Plant Growth Regulator Base Nutrient
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Cyco Platinum Series Prokit Suga Rush (Nutrient & Additives Grow Bloom)
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Cyco Platinum Series Silica - 1L 5L 20L | Reduce Heat Stress | Strong Root
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Cyco Platinum Series Suga Rush -1L 5L 20L | Improve Quality & Yield
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Cyco Platinum Series Swell - 1L 5L 20L | Increase Harvest & Quality
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Cyco Platinum Series Uptake - 1L 5L 20L | Enhances Macronutrient Uptake
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Cyco Platinum Series XL - 100ML 250ML | Enhance Stem & Leaf Formation

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OUR COMPANY S.J. Enterprises was established in 2008 and are the proud manufactures and distributors of the Cyco Platinum Series brand. Our vision is to provide a market savvy and cutting edge range of hydroponic plant nutrients and additives to the Hydroponic industry. We utilize the latest technologies and source only the best ingredients for our products. S.J. Enterprises also researches and tests stringently to assure only the best products are developed. OUR MISSION Our aim i ...

Author: Canna  

Calcium occurs throughout the entire plant. It is used for many processes in the plant, however, calcium is most important for the growth process. It has a regulating effect in the cells and contributes to the stability of the plant. Plants have two transportation systems at their disposal: the xylem vessels and the sieve vessels. Most nutrients can be transported via both systems, however, for calcium this is not possible. Since calcium can be transported almost exclusively via the xylem vessels, it is an element that deposes of little mobility within the plant. It is, t ...

Author: Canna  

Phosphorus plays an important role for all living organisms and is an essential nutrient element for plants and animals. It has a key position in the combustion processes of the cell, and in the total energy transfer of the plant. It is also a 'building block' of the cell walls, the DNA, and all sorts of proteins and enzymes. For young plants, the presence of phosphate is indispensable; about 3/4 of the phosphorus consumed during a plant’s life cycle is absorbed in the first quarter of its life. The largest concentrations of phosphorus are found in the developing parts o ...

Author: Canna  

Magnesium is an indispensable element for a.o. plants. In plants, it represents a building block for chlorophyll (leaf green), and therefore, it is essential for photosynthesis. At the same time, magnesium plays an important role in the energy transfer. Together with calcium, it is also a component of tap water, influencing water hardness. Inorganic magnesium fertilisers are produced using the same bases that are used to produce potassium fertilisers. About magnesium in short ...

Author: Canna  

Iron is a vital element for plant life. Iron has a number of important functions in the overall metabolism of the plant and is essential for the synthesis of chlorophyll. In general, iron is poorly absorbed by the plant. It can only be sufficiently taken up by the roots in certain forms and under proper conditions. Soil seldom contains too little iron, but it is possible that forms of iron that can be absorbed by the plant are lacking. The absorbency of iron is strongly dependent on the pH. Ordinarily, there is sufficient iron present in absorbable form in acidic soils. ...

Author: Canna  

Nitrogen is one of the important elements a plant needs. It is an important part of proteins, chlorophyll, vitamins, hormones and DNA. Because it is a component of enzymes, nitrogen is involved in all enzyme reactions and plays an active role in the plant’s metabolism. Nitrogen is mainly absorbed by the plant in the form of nitrate and ammonium. It can also be absorbed via small organic molecules. It is important that the balance between nitrate and ammonium is correct in the feeding otherwise the pH in the rhizosphere (environment immediately sur ...

Author: Canna  

It is necessary for all activities having to do with water transport and the opening and closing of the stomas. Potassium takes care of the strength and the quality of the plant and controls countless other processes such as the carbohydrate system. About potassium in short What is it and what does it do? Potassium takes care of the strength and the quality of the plant. Controls countless other processes such as the carbohydrate system. ...

Author: BlueLab  

What is pH? pH (short for potential Hydrogen) is the measurement of acidity and its opposite, alkalinity in a solution. Neutral pH is 7.0 pH. Acidity measures below seven pH (7.0pH) with alkalinity measuring above it (7.0pH). Why is it important to measure pH? It is important to maintain a hydroponic nutrient solution at a pH level where the elements in the nutrient solution are consistently available to the plant. If the solution is too acidic or too alkaline it can cause ...

Author: Bluelab  

What is conductivity? Conductivity (measured in ppm, EC, TDS, CF) is the total soluble salts contained within a liquid solution. Pure water does not contain salts, so it has a conductivity measurement of zero. By adding soluble elements to the water, electricity is able to move through the solution giving it a conductivity rating. So why is it important? Using hydroponics as an example, different crops grow well at different levels of nutrient strength (Electrical Conductivity - EC ...

Cyco Pro Basic Cyco Pro Advanced ...

Author: Nikki Phipps  

Standing in the fertilizer aisle of a garden or farm store, you are faced with a dizzying array of fertilizer options, many with a series of three numbers like 10-10-10, 20-20-20, 10-8-10 or many other combinations of numbers. You may be asking yourself, “What do the numbers on fertilizer mean?” These are NPK values, which leads to the next question of, “What is NPK?” Keep reading to learn more about fertilizer numbers and NPK. What Do the Numbers on Fertilizer Mean? The three numbers on fertilizer represents the value of the thre ...

Author: Cyco  

The Cyco feed charts were created over the past seven years of Cyco being sold globally, these charts have been the feedback of thousands of growers in different country’s using Cyco in different grow methods. While these charts are an invaluable source of information they can’t possibly factor in your personal growing environment Heat Amount of light Feeding times Medium Personal experience etc Basic Feed Chart - ...