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CMH Bulbs

Hydro Experts offers a wide selection of high-quality Ceramic Metal Halide lamps for your indoor horticulture needs. Our CMH lamps, including the popular Philips Master Greenpower, Horti-Vision and Indoor Sun, Hi-Par series, provide the full-spectrum light ideal for plant growth. We carry various wattages from 315W to 630W in standard efficiency (SE) and double-ended (DE) configurations to match your specific lighting requirements. 

Ceramic Metal Halide lamps utilize a ceramic core that allows them to produce full-spectrum light similar to natural sunlight. They provide a balanced ratio of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) that supports optimum photosynthesis and plant growth. Our CMH lamps promote healthy plant development with robust stems, dense foliage and abundant flowering. 

The Philips Master Greenpower CMH lamps arQe known for their consistent light output, long life and reliable performance. The Horti-Vision series features instant restrike capability and high-lumen maintenance for steady light levels over the life of the lamp. TheHi-Par series delivers high efficiency and powerful radiance in a compact package. 

If you are looking for CMH lamps that provide full-spectrum light ideal for growing high-quality fruits, vegetables or flowers indoors, contact the experts at Hydro Experts. We carry a wide selection of Ceramic Metal Halide lamps in various wattages and configurations to meet the needs of both commercial and residential indoor growers.

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Indoor Sun CMH PRO HV Lamp - 630W | DE | 4200K | 1130umol/s


Adjust-A-Wings Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Lamp - 315W | SE | 4200K


Philips Master GreenPower CMH Lamp - 315W | 942 | PGZ18 | Veg


Philips Master GreenPower CMH Lamp - 315W | 930 | PGZ18 | Flower

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