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Humidity Packs for Moisture Control | Humidiccants

Hydro Experts carries all the humidity packs and humidiccants you need to keep your valuables safe and secure. Whether you need Boveda humidity packs for your cigars, Integra packets for musical instruments or Dewbie humidiccants for collectibles, we have you covered. 

Our professional-grade humidity packs and humidiccants come in various relative humidity levels to suit your needs. The most common options are 62%RH and 55%RH Boveda packs for keeping cigars and wood products at optimal humidity. Meanwhile, Integra humidity packs are available at 50%RH and other levels for musical instruments like guitars and violins. 

For collectors and hobbyists, our wide assortment of humidity control packets from brands like Boveda, Integra and Dewbie help stabilize relative humidity and prevent damage from excess moisture. Boveda packs are made with a patented technology that absorbs or releases moisture to keep the surrounding air at the ideal humidity. They are reusable, non-toxic and will not mould, rot or leak. 

Whether you require humidity packs for cigars, humidiccants for collectibles, or dehumidifying silica gel packets for storage, Hydro Experts has the humidity control solutions you need. Browse our full selection of humidity control products online today and let our experts help you find the perfect humidiccants for your specific application.

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Dewbie Handmade Humidifier Stone | Made in Canada