Circulation Fans for Hydroponics

If the air is completely still, plants will tend to use all of the C02 next to the leaf surface. When this air is used and no fresh air is forced into its place, dead air space forms stifling the stomata, slowing growth. Air also stratifies with the warm air rising and the cooler air settling towards the bottom of the room. All of these potential problems are avoided by opening a door or window and installing oscillating fans. Air circulation is important for insect and fungus prevention. Mold spores are present in all grow rooms.

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Author: One Stop Grow Shop   Date Posted: 2 January 2020  

Adding a fan speed controller to your extraction system provides the user with the ability to adjust how fast the fan is running and therefore the extraction rate. This is especially handy as the weather becomes cooler. A large extraction system running at full tilt may be great at keeping temperatures right during the height of summer. However in many cases, when the cooler months arrive, the same large extraction system without any controller will make it virtually impossible to keep temperatures warm enough for good plant growth. Different Typ ...